Episode 45 - Apollo's Daughter

Episode 45 features Apollo's Daughter who joined us this week for the Rock, Paper, Podcast with Chris and Shane. Not only were they kind enough to play 3 songs for us, but we had a great discussion about the band's formation, how they write songs and how they think it's important to be able to take criticism within and outside of the band. You can catch Apollo's Daughter at The Firebird on February 10th with Johnny Craig, Kyle Lucas, Captain Midnite and Allen Gates.

Song List:

  • Kurt Russell's Muscles (00:15)

  •  Light Years (36:02)

  • Advice From A Caterpillar (1:11:00)

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Episode 44 features musician Steven Wooley. Our good friend Emily also guest hosts again to fill in for Chris. Had a lot of fun discussing the new upcoming album, the stories behind the songs and his upcoming show at The Dubliner 1/30.


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Our guest this week on the Rock Paper Podcast is 14-year-old guitarist Connor Low who has not only played with El Monstero, but also attends the School of Rock in Ballwin and jams with his own band Irie Son.

Follow Connor Low at all of these spots below:





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Tattoo artists Big Dave Canoy and Robby Kallery of the Ink Spot tattoo shop in Troy, Missouri join us to discuss tattooing, their idea and work for an upcoming tattoo reality show, and their Ink Spot Block Party which is a concert the have put on for the last couple of years that has been growing and growing. 

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Episode 41 - Driving Wheel

Episode 41 features Jeremy who plays bass for the band Driving Wheel. On the episode Shane and Jeremy discuss Driving Wheel's upcoming show on January 23rd at the Moonshine Blues Bar, as well as the work on their upcoming full album and blues music. You can also hear a couple of their songs on the show "30 Miles to Houston" and "Full Grown." 



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On this week's episode of the Rock Paper Podcast we welcome musician Jeremiah Johnson. On the show we discuss his album Grind, what he learned in the studio recording with Devon Allman, and the hard work that he does behind the scenes for his music. Jeremiah also performed his song Simple Things for the beginning of the show. We apologize for a small technical issue in the song, it was something with our setup not his performance. 

Hangout after the show to hear his song "So Damn Good" off of his album Grind

You can download his album Grind on iTunes and for all upcoming dates check out http://www.jeremiahjohnsonband.com


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Comedians Max Fitzgerald and Ben Johnson are our guests on this hilarious episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. The guys talk about their standup careers, video games, porn and times in history when hiding was considered "for fun." 


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Episode 38 - Andrew Frank

Happy New Year! On the first episode of 2015 we welcome comedian Andrew Frank who discusses how he decided to start doing standup, how he improves his act and what he learned from working at the Funny Bone and observing other comedians.

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