Episode 224- Mark Brainard

This episode I sat with Mark Brainard to get to know him a little better. We talked about some of his upcoming shows, his new EP, influences and more.

We also talked about food challenges & answer some questions from the fans.

Mark even played 2 live acoustic tunes on this episode. Hear "Can't Blame Me" & "Kerry" live acoustic, and "Outer Space" from the Mark's self titled EP. The Mark Brainard EP is now available on ITunes, so grab a copy of that!

Follow Mark on Facebook to keep with more shows, or MarkBrainard.net for more information.

Thanks to Music Record Shop for sponsoring the show. Visit them in the Grove on Manchester Ave for some new records.

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Episode 223- Gabe Stroup

The other night I went out to Washington, MO to talk with my friend Gabe Stroup of Sky Burnt White about becoming a new father, upcoming shows and a bunch of our friends music.

You can see Sky Burnt White LIVE

6/4 Homegrown Acoustic Show at America's Tavern

6/18 at 300 State in Alton, IL with Divide The Empire, The Fade & Skyline In Ruins

6/24 at New Lingo's EP Release Party with City of Parks, Isabella & New Lingo

6/24 at Rock Paper Podcast's 2nd Annual Birthday Show at Broadway Oyster Bar with Mathias & The Pirates and Brother Lee & The Leather Jacakals

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Buy their album EXIT STRATEGIES on SkyBurntWhite.Bandcamp.com.

On this episode you'll hear

"Panic Button" Mathias & The Pirates

"Casting Fire Ant Colony" New Lingo

"Dare to Dream" City of Parks

"Happy" Sky Burnt White

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Episode 222- Leah Osborne

The other night I was hanging out with multi-instrumentalist Leah Osborne. We talked about some of her previous bands The Boomtops & Clusterpluck, her passion for food and play 3 live songs.

You can see Leah LIVE this summer

July 29 & 30 at Beesonstock

Sept 9 & 10 at Pickin on the Huzzah

Follow her on Facebook.

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Last night I went over to Ambit Studios in Maryville, IL to hang out with the guys of My Legacy My Ghost. Had a great time talking about everything from touring, Deadpool, Nathan going to China, their first headline show, and when we might hear new music.

See My Legacy My Ghost headlining the Demo on 5/27 with Conman Economy, Cuvi, The Cinema Story & Calloway Circus. Tickets are $7 in advance from the bands, or $10 at the door.

Head over to MyLegacyMyGhost.bandcamp.com and grab their EP for free. Listen on repeat so you can sing a long at the show.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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Episode 220- The Brothers Reed 2

The Brothers Reed return to Rock Paper Podcast to talk about their new album Monster In My Head, touring, country music, songwriting, and play 3 live acoustic tunes.

Pick up their 2 albums SICK AS FOLK & MONSTER IN MY HEAD at TheBrothersReed.com. Available in physical or digital copies. Grab a shirt while you're there too. Also available on ITunes, Spotify or Amazon.

Here "Jake's Song" on this episode from their Monster in My Head album. You'll also hear "Ever Since You Found Me", "Right By My Side" & "Unimportant Problem" that are currently unreleased. Expected out on their next record in 2017.

See the LIVE this weekend in Wentzville, MO

5/14 at a House Concert (Details on their Facebook)

5/15 at Hwy40 Brews with Joe Bizelli & Maury Avenue

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. All other dates at TheBrothersReed.com

Listen to the show on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com


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Episode 219- Zagk Gibbons

I went by Gaslight off Kingshighway & Shaw the other night and sat down with Zagk Gibbons to talk about everything he's a part of in St.Louis music. Zagk is currently working as Audio engineer for Gaslight. He run his own audio recording company called Loudhouse. He's the drummer for the Miss Molly Simms band. He's also a live sound guy for The Demo & The Firebird. We discuss all of these things and more .

I had a great time with Zagk hearing about all of his projects he's working on. Check out some of the bands we mentioned in this episode:

Miss Molly Simms

Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals

Maness Brothers

Old Souls Revival


The Leopard/ The Hush List

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or Rockpaperpodcast.com

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Episode 218- The Cinema Story

A bit ago I hung out with the guys of The Cinema Story in a Denny's to get to know them a little better. We talked about some of their influences, working on new music, answer questions from the fans and more.

See them LIVE

5/27 with My Legacy My Ghost, Conman Economy, Calloway Circus & Cuvi at the Demo

Closing out the episode you can hear "The Opening Scene" form their first EP. Keep a look out for a new EP later this year.

Also keep an eye for a date for Notes for Hope this Fall.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or Rockpaperpodcast.com

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Episode 217- The Fade

The other day I took a drive to Belleville, IL to hang out with The Fade. I had an incredible time hanging out with them at their studio. We talked about their upcoming shows, their EP, influences & sound and jammed 2 live songs.

On this episode you'll hear "Stealing The Moon (Live)", "Light on The Mast (Studio)" and "Better of Us (Live)." All three songs are available on their Selft Titled EP now available on ITunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, TheFadeMusic.com or any live show.

See them LIVE

5/20 at America's Tavern

5/27 at Melt

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or RockPaperPodcast.com

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Episode 216- Toefire Tribe

The other night I met up with Toefire Tribe at Venice Cafe in St.Louis, MO to get to know the band a little better. We talked about their sound, influences, how they met, and more.

Hear 2 live recordings on this episode including "This Space" & "Long Hard Ride"

See them live:

5/7 at Venice Cafe

5/20 at Pop's Blue Moon

8/26 at TOCO Festival

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or Rockpaperpodcast.com

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Episode 215- The Hollow Ends

Over the weekend I met up with Singer/Songwriter Zach Schwartz of The Hollow Ends to get to know him a little better. We discussed his 3 song EP, Tour, differences between comedy & music crowds, music videos & more.

See The Hollow Ends 5/15 at The Demo with Suzie Cue, Might Brother & JOA.

On this episode you'll hear Zach perform "The Low" live acoustic, then "Slow It Down" & "Black List" from his self titled EP.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episode 214- Ramona Deflowered

I sat with Ramona Deflowered in Elaine's on Cherokee to get to know the band and talk about their upcoming release of their debut album. We also talked a lot about their band mascot Jenny Noarms, rehearsing at the Brewhouse, and so much more.

On this episode you'll hear "Polyamory" from their album I Hate Your Face. You can pick up the album at one of their two CD Release Parties:

June 11th at The Way Out Club with Dangerpussy & Suzie Cue

June 13th at Off Broadway Acorns To Oaks & Johnny Saint and The Princess of Hell

Find more dates and information on their Facebook page & RamonaDeflowered.com

Closing out the show, Ramona Deflowered did some acoustic jamming for the show, so stick around to hear that.

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Episode 213- Chris Denman & Casey Reeves

Over the weekend I met up with Chris Denman of We Are Live. Onthe way over to meet him he tells me he has a surprise for me. WhenI arrive, I realize that the surprise was our mutual friend CaseyReeves. Chris & Casey go way back and had some fun stories oftheir adventures together. We also talked about each of their showscoming up this weekend. We also discuss requesting "Wagon Wheel"& million dollar ideas.

You can see Chris & his co-host Travis at The Ready Roomrecording a live show of We Are Live 5/7 Saturday night. Special guest (and friend of the show) Libbie Higgins will bethere. Grab tickets today!

Listen to We Are Live Monday-Friday at 7pm on CBS 920 AM, 105.7HD2, InsideSTL.com or WeAreLiveRadio.com. Follow the show onFacebook, Instagram & Twitter.

You can catch Casey Reeves at Element on Carrol Street inSt.Louis Saturday 5/7. Find more information about Element atElementSTL.com. Follow him on Facebook. Buy some of his music onITunes, CdBaby, Spotify, or at shows.

Closing out this episode you can hear "Drive All Day" from CaseyReeves.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher, Google PlayMusic or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com. Thanks to Music Record Shop forsponsoring the show. Go visit them in the Grove for some new brandnew records, tapes or CDs.

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