Episode 274- Daryl Hance

Last night Daryl Hance & Cameron Weeks were passing through on tour and asked them to stop by my house to talk about the new album, life on the road, starting a band with JJ Grey, and play some live acoustic.

Don't miss them 8/31 Wednesday at San Loo in St.Louis, MO. Full tour dates at DarylHance.com

On this episode you'll hear:

"With The Tide"

"Here She Comes (live acoustic)"

"I Don't Know (live acoustic)"

"Vibrational Reprise"

The live acoustic tunes are currently unreleased but expected to appear on Daryl's next album. The studio tracks are from Daryl's latest release WILD BLUE IRIS available about everywhere including DarylHance.com.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Epiose 273- Chad Daniels

A while back I was able to catch up with one of my favorite Comedians, Chad Daniels, at the St.Louis Funny Bone. I had a great time talking comedy, his family, the road and everything in between.

Follow Chad on Facebook & Twitter. Find out when Chad is coming to your town at ChadDaniels.com.



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Episode 272- Dance Floor Riot

The other night I caught up with Mike, Brandon & Dan of Dance Floor Riot. We talked about everything from how they formed, how they chose songs, to their big trip to Las Vegas coming up.

Dance Floor Riot is currently raising some funds to help them out with this opportunity to play the Tropicana Lounge in Las Vegas. If you'd like to help them out with their travels, click this link! You can get some great perks like even getting your own private DFR show.

Check out some of their tracks from their album UNDER THE COVERS on this episode, "Gangsta's Paradise" and "Scream." You can hear the rest of the album on their website DANCEFLOORRIOT.com

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up with dates.


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Episode 271- BaldEagleMountain

Very excited to welcome BaldEagleMountain to the show! These veterans of the local scene are quickly making a name of themselves in this new project. Get to know the band & hear 4 songs from their upcoming album.

We talk about their start, answer questions from the fans, talk about sharing the stage with some amazing bands, and much more. You'll also hear on the is episode...


"Tire Iron to the Face"

"P. Wonderly Mine"

& "Not Your Parents"

See them LIVE 8/26 at The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill with The Delta Saints

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 270- The Vondrukes

A bit ago I caught up with The Vondrukes at their band practice to talk about their new album, the release party, how they formed, the story behind the name and so much more.

We preview the new album ON THIS RIDE TOGETHER on this episode. You'll hear the first two tracks "Soul I Sold" & "Next Lifetime". The album will be available for purchase at their Release Party 8/27/16, or your favorite local record store.

See them LIVE 8/27 at OFF BROADWAY in St.Louis, MO with Grace Basement & Adam Reichmann. The show is FREE!! courtesy of Logboat Brewing. 7:30 doors 8:30 show.

Follow The Vondrukes on Facebook for more information. TheVondrukes.com

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Episode 269- The Daisy Ad ORH

This episode was recorded LIVE from Jackal Fest on July 30th inside the green room of the The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy. You'll hear a bit of Boys Club sound checking in the background.

Gavin McNutt, Tony Bertoglio, Jeremy Reidy & Dylan Doughty joined me talk about their show coming up at Old Rock House!

Don't miss The Old Souls Revival, Mt. Thelonious & The Daisy Ad August 27th Saturday night at Old rock House. $8

On this episode you'll also hear

The Old Souls Revival "I Will Let You In"
The Daisy Ad "Let Down (Live)"

To hear more songs check them out on Bandcamp.com. Follow the bands on Facebook & Instagram.



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Episode 268- The Leonas

The other night I caught up with folk duo The Leonas to talk about their new album, their release party, their name, how they met and so much more.

On this episode you'll hear clips of 2 songs from their new album FORBIDDEN FRUIT including the title track "Forbidden Fruit" & "Mushroom Lullaby" then closing out the show you'll hear "What Are You Waiting For?"

Grab a copy of FORBIDDEN FRUIT on LeonasMusic.com, Bandcamp & ITunes on Friday 8/19.

See them LIVE

8/19 at Blank Space Album Release Party

9/7 at Gaslight with Dagmar

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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The other night I sat down with the guys of Traveler to get to know them better. They have a new lineup, a new album and new shows!

We also talk about how the band came to be, influences, and how much we love St.Louis.

On this episode you'll hear "Growing Pains" & "Disappear Here" from their SOMETHING BLUE album. Grab a copy on TravelerSTL.bandcamp.com or Spotify.

See them LIVE

9/27 at Fubar with Thank You Scientists & Apollo's Daughter

10/14 at Heavy Anchor with Ben Diesel

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episode 266- 4th City Rag

Stopped in at Loud House Studio in St.Louis, MO to catch up with Matt & Brandon of 4th City Rag. We discuss their start, the album HOT DAMN, some of the other projects that are currently working on and when to expect some new tunes.

On this episode you'll hear the title track "Hot Damn" & "Money Train". Pick up the album today at 4thCityRag.bandcamp.com, ITunes & physical copies available at live shows.

Be sure to catch them LIVE

8/20 at Whiskey War Festival at South Broadway Athletic Club (St.Louis)

9/1 at Stagger Inn Again with Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals (Edwardsville)

Follow the band on Facebook & Instagram


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Episode 265- Whiskey War Fest

The other night I caught up with The Maness Brothers to talk about all things Whiskey War Festival before their show with Patrick Sweany at Off Broadway.

Join us August 20th at South Broadway Athletic Club for a full day of amazing music! Full Lineup, Tickets and more information at WHISKEYWARFEST.com


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Episode 264- Pickin' on the Huzzah Festival

I met up with my friends Ryan Kemp (Oak Steel & Lightning), Jesse Irwin (Dock Ellis Band) & Wayne Imboden (Son of Illrepute) to talk all about the Pickin' on the Huzzah Festival coming up Spetember 9th & 10th.

This episode was recorded in the back of Ryan Kemp's van outside of Kicker's Corner on Steak Night.

Music from:

Split Lip Rayfield           Grass Fed Mule

Old Salt Union               Jimbo Darville and the Truckadours

The Hooten Hallers               Jesse Irwin

The Mighty Pines               Leah Osborne

Clusterpluck                      Hillary Fitz

Oak Steel & Lightning             Dead Soldiers

Falling Fences                       Woodshine

River Kittens                         Son of Illrepute

Tickets are only $60 for 2 day pass (includes camping) til 9/1

Get tickets at PICKINFESTIVAL.com TODAY!

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Episode 263- John McVey

Stopped by Steve's Hot Dogs in Tower Grove a while ago to meet up with John McVey over some hot dogs. Turned out none other than Steve Ewing himself was putting on a show the room next door at Tick Tock Tavern. So you'll hear a bit of that show in the background of this show.

I had such a great time talking with John. He just recently moved to St.Louis and quickly made a name for himself in our music scene. He shares some amazing stories of playing with legends like Albert King, Johnnie Johnson and others. Talks about his life on the road, and getting started in music, to how things are now that he's 60 years old.

On this episode you'll hear "Thief" & "I Don't Stutter" from John's latest release MEET ME IN HOUSTON. Available on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon.com or JohnMcVeyBlues.com

See John and his band LIVE

Every Wednesday at Hammerstone's in Soulard

8/18 at Blues City Deli

9/3 at Big Muddy Blues Festival

10/1 at Blues City Deli's Streetfest

Follow John McVey Band on Facebook for more dates

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Episode 262- Carter Hulsey

A bit ago Carter Hulsey rolled through St.Louis for a home show. I was lucky enough to sit and talk with him for a bit. We talk about some of our favorite songwriters, a crazy story of having his guitar stolen and play 2 live acoustic tunes.

On this episode you'll hear

"Let's Buy A House" (Live Acoustic)

"Vodka Soda" (Live Acoustic)

"Unstuck In Time" from his Drive Out album

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com


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Episode 261- Katy Thomas of Gig-A-Bit Rocks

Get to know Katy Thomas, Founder of Gig-A-Bit Rocks,  and learn about her company and what all their service has to offer. I had a lovely time discussing the start of her company and what her goals are with this idea.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com to learn more.

Sign up at GigabitRocks.com! Tour smarter!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as well.

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Episode 260- Tok 2

Stopped by Suburban Pro studios in St.Louis, MO to talk with the Matt & Bryan of Tok about their new album, their release party, recording a Lo-Fi Cherokee video and so much more.

This episode is pretty much me laughing the whole time so sorry for that but these two guys crack me up.

See them LIVE August 12th at Off Broadway for the Gold Dollar Hen House Vol 4 Release Party with special guests Middle Class Fashion and Scarlet Tanager. Be sure to collect all 4! Check out some of Vol 1-3 at TokandRoll.bandcamp.com

On this episode you'll hear "Parachutes" & "You Can't Go Home" from GDHH vol 4.

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Episode 259- Ben Diesel

A bit ago I sat with the guys of Ben Diesel to talk about their new EP, recording at Gaslight, talking about how they formed and their sound. We also discussed the origin of their band name and other funny band names. Dan also shares a story of playing with Green Day.

Check out their songs "We've Always Partied" & "Wanderlust" from their WE'VE ALWAYS PARTIED EP. In the middle of the show you can hear their live recording of "Some People Eat Bugs (Live)" from their Gaslight session. Check out more songs on their Bandcamp.com page.

Keep an eye out for Dan Kelley's Christmas show, and Jason's charity show at Heavy Anchor September 23 with Ben Diesel playing a Green Day cover set.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com


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Episode 258- Inner Outlines 2

The other night I met up the punk rockers Inner Outlines for their 2nd appearance on the show. This time we had all kinds of new stuff to talk about. Brand new EP, Release Party, and a debut a new lineup!

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com and get to know the new guys Dylan & Caleb.

See them LIVE at Pop's August 6th for their release party Discrepancies vs. Inner Outlines with special guests Ashland, Apollo's Daughter & Forgetting January. Pick up a physical copy of the new album IT'S NOT SAFE HERE.

On this episode you'll hear "Our Generation" & "Feel Nothing" from the EP.

Follow Inner Outlines (and Rock Paper Podcast) on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.com

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Episode 257- Forgetting January

A bit ago I was able to catch up with the guys of Forgetting January before their show at Cicero's in St.Louis. We talk (and laugh a lot) about how they started, some influences, recording music and when expect to new music.

Closing out the show is their new single "The Ballad of Paul Revere." Now available on ForgettingJanuary.Bandcamp.com

See them LIVE

August 6th at Pop's with Inner Outlines, Discrepancies, Ashland & Apollo's Daughter.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com



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