Episode 171- Ryan Kemp

Last week  I sat down with Ryan Kemp of Oak, Steel and Lightning, a St.Louis Classic Country/Jam Band. We had a great time talking about Ryan's start into music, the band, their tour, new tunes, songwriting and a whole lot more.

See Oak, Steel & Lightning LIVE

Jan 30 at 2720 Cherokee for On The Road to Summer Camp with Break Night, The Driftaways, St. George & The Echo Base Quartet

April 29-30 MoRoots Festival

Hear Ryan Kemp play a live acoustic tune that he wrote about his trip to Nashville, and 2 studio tracks from their EP "Lonesome Whippoorwill" & "On The Road". The EP is now available at OakSteelLightning.com & OakSteelLightning.bandcamp.com, along with shirts and OSL beard oil.

Follow them on Facebook for more information and more dates!


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Episode 170- Rob Durham

The other night I sat down with Comedian & Author Rob Durham to discuss his start in comedy, how he became an author, winning 1st place in the school talent show, being a Bears fan, and take some questions from the fans.

Pick up a copy of Rob's DON'T WEAR SHORTS ON STAGE available on Amazon, or at any of Rob's shows. It's a great gift from anyone thinking about getting into stand up comedy.

Follow Rob on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with his appearances. He's a regular at the St.Louis Funny Bone in Westport Plaza.


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Episode 169- Midnight Reveille

The other night I sat with Midnight Reveille at their practice and talk about the formation of the band, influences, their Self Titled EP, new music, and have a lot of laughs. I had a great time hanging with these guys.

Pick up their EP on ITunes, Amazon, CdBaby, or Spotify. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

On this episode hear "Devil's Daughter" & "Break Me."

Keep an eye out for new music as these guys are gearing up to record a new album.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, YouTube and Rockpaperpodcast.com.


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Episode 168- Tyler Kasch of Tear Out The Heart

On this episode I catch up with Tyler Kasch of St.Louis Metalcore band Tear Out The Heart. We talk about everything from songwriting, podcasting, upcoming show, pizza, Batman, and answer questions from the fans.

See Tear Out The Heart Feb 5th at The Ready Room in St.Louis, MO with Weekend Routine, Welcome Home, A Promise To Burn & Make Room. There's a handful of $30 VIP packages available. Grab tickets now!

RSVP on Facebook!

Find everything else at TearOutTheHeart.com including Merch, music, and music videos. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 167- Pirate Signal

Last week I met up with Pirate Signal at their rehearsal space in Lemp. Found it was just too loud for a podcast, so improvised and used Josh's mini van to record this episode. A new first for the show!

Listen as we get to know Josh, Brett, Austin & Nick better known together as Pirate Signal. We discuss upcoming shows, answer questions from the fans, new music, touring and whole lot more.

On this episode hear "Salt on Wound" & "Silver Tongue" both available for purchase at piratesignal.bandcamp.com

See Pirate Signal LIVE

1/30 at Heavy Anchor with TOK, Dog of Panic & The Tip

Follow them on Facebook & Twitter. Everything at PirateSignalMusic.com

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Episode 166- The Grooveliner

On this episode, get to know Dave Muser & Matt Vianello of The Grooveliner. I sat with the guys and talk about the band, covers vs originals, their new EP, plans for 2016, recording and more.

On this episode you'll hear 2 tracks from their EP "Get To Know Ya" & "Salsa De Peligro". Now available on their Reverbnation.com or any live shows!

See them LIVE

Feb 12 at Broadway Oyster Bar with Big Sam's Funky Nation

Feb 26 at Old Rock House

Follow them on Facebook for more details.


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Episode 165- Visionary Media

Dustin, Kevin & Michael of Visionary Media join me for Episode 165 to discuss what they've been up, some services they offer and what they have planned for 2016. So sit back and get to know the guys of Visionary Media.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Feel free to contact them through Facebook if you're looking for some live video, music video, pictures or anything along those lines. These guys are looking to help you create something incredible.

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Episode 164- Steven Woolley

The other night I stopped by to visit my buddy Steven Woolley at his home to catch up with him. We talked about some of our favorite venues, upcoming shows, his full band, new music and things but mostly wanted to just hear him play some songs. He does covers of "One Love" Bob Marley, "Everybody Wants to Rule The World" Tears For Fears, "Don't" Ed Sheeran and a few more.

Find more information, including all of Steven's shows on his Facebook fan page. Follow his Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date.


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Episode 163- Adam Ray

Sunday night I went by the Westport Funny Bone in St.Louis, MO to see my friend and one of my favorite comics Adam Ray perform. After the show, Adam & myself drove to the Courtyard Marriott and knocked out a podcast. I've been a huge fan of Adam's work from his stand up comedy, his movie appearances in The Heat & Spy to his podcast About Last Night with Brad Williams. It was a real honor to be able to sit and talk to him and discuss some of his experiences on his podcast, movies, working on Ghostbusters and more.

Pick up Adam's album Poptart Suicide on AdamRayTV.com, where you can also find all of his tour dates and videos.

Find all episodes of About Last Night Podcast at AboutLastNightPodcast.com, ITunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud.com.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel for more laughs. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Episode 162- Michael Eisenbeis

On this episode I'm joined by Michael Eisenbeis of Shooting With Annie, Whiskey Morning & Fine To Drive. We discuss all 3 projects, his start in music, songwriters, KISS and more.

Find more information about all three bands on Facebook.




Listen on ITunes, Stitcher & Rockpaperpodcast.com


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On today's episode I'm joined by Al Holliday of the Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band and special guest co-host my Mother Debbie. Al was gracious enough to invite us over into his home in St.Louis, MO to discuss his new album Natural Remedies, some influences, Memphis, vinyl, and upcoming shows.

See Al Holliday Live:

1/22 at Beale on Broadway

2/6 Old Rock House with Funky Butt Brass Band

Buy a copy of Natural Remedies on ITunes, CdBaby or AlHollidayMusic.com

Hear "Natural Remedies" & "Come Tru" from the album and Al played "Freedom For the Stallion" live for the show.


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Episode 160- Mathias & The Pirates 2

Mathias James returns to the show bringing along the lovely and talented Candäcé aka Ms. Vizion of Mathias & The Pirates. Mathias was kind enough to have me over to record at his home. We talked about all the exciting things they have coming up including 2 new songs, shows, and get into a little of their origins and how they came to performing together.

A few great opportunities to see them live coming up.

Jan 14th at Cicero's. Prologue Pre-Party with Mathias & The Pirates, Superhero Killer, Hands and Feet & Centipede. All paid guests will receive a free download of Prologue 5 at the release party

Jan 15th FarFetched presents Prologue 5 Release Party with Abnormal, Adult Fur, Blank Generation, Caveofswords, Golden Curls & Loren D. at 2720 Cherokee

Jan 24th at The Demo Weekend For Bernie with Mathias & The Pirates, Blank Generation, Cara Louise Band, Letter To Memphis, Michael Franco & Zach's Wrath $10

Opening the show you'll hear the audio from Mathias & The Pirates performing "Weather Report" on STL Up Late a bit ago. Be sure to go check out some of the other great videos on STL Up Late's YouTube page and go see a live show.

Closing out the show, they hooked me up with 2 brand new songs to play for you. First their cover of "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Crofts. Secondly, their track that appears on Prologue 5 "Brettanomyces" with 18 and Counting.


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Episode 159- 2015 Wrap up with Joe, Gabe & Korey

Warning: Not safe for work, and not for the easily offended.

Jan 1st I took a drive to Potosi, MO to sit and talk with Joe Glenk of New Lingo, Gabe Stroup of Sky Burnt White and Korey Smith of Apollo's Daughter.

As you can imagine, the show derailed pretty early. We just drank some Keystone Light and rambled on about a bunch of stuff including encounters with the law, best & worst shows and some of our biggest moments of 2015.

Through out the show you can hear some of the guys music.

- New Lingo "Blood Thinners"

- Sky Burnt White "Song & Dance"

- Apollo's Daughter "Kurt Russell's Muscles"

If you enjoy the music, buy it on ITunes or a CD. Support local music!

LIKE their band pages on Facebook to keep up to date when they are playing in your town.

See Sky Burnt White Jan 9th in Sullivan, MO for the Winter Mayhem with System Slave, One Day, Midnight Hour, Maximus, Soundtrapp & more at Wedding Bells venue.

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Episode 158- Nick Vatterott 2

Nick Vatterott returns to the podcast! Nick and Myself discuss Trump being president, alt comedy, and his love for Lion's Choice.

Follow Nick on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Keep an eye on his tour dates at NickVatterott.com. Grab his album from Comedy Central records FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY today!

 Also check out Nick's podcast, The Nick Vatterott show on Itunes or Soundcloud.com

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Episode 157- Ellesa Vec

Took a drive out to Collinsville, IL to sit and talk with Ellesa Vec of Advocating Adam. We talked about his start in music, early influences, songwriting and more. He performs full band and as a solo artist. On this episode you can hear a little of both sides of Ellesa Vec. Opening the show hear Advocating Adam's "Halo" and then at the end of the show "Holy of Holies" by Ellesa Vec. If you'd like to hear more songs, you can hear them on Soundcloud.com at the Advocating Adam & Ellesa Vec pages.

Follow the band Facebook page to keep up to date with them. Keep an eye out for tour dates in 2016!

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