Episode 196- Johnny Applepex

Last week I sat down with Johnny Applepex of The Johnny Applecast. He invited me into the Johnny Applecast studios to record his show and then we flipped the mic and recorded part 2 for Rock Paper Podcast.

Please go check out The Johnny Applecast on ITunes or TheJohnnyApplecast.libsyn.com. Follow the show on Facebook & Twitter.

I had a great time discussing podcasting with Johnny, along with some of his musical background, some favorite guests and more.


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Episode 195- illphonics

A bit ago I met with 3 of the guys of Illphonics. They've been at it nearly 10 years, making hip hop in St.Louis. Their brand new record Gone With The Trends promises to be some of their best work yet, as its already getting quite a bit of buzz.

Listen in as we discuss the new record, some of our favorite tracks, the history of the group, nicknames & more.

Pre-Order the album Gone With The Trends on Amazon, ITunes, or wherever you purchase music.

See them LIVE April 1st at The Stage at KDHX for their album release party.

You can also catch them 4/24 in Forrest Park for Earth Day.


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Episode 194- Echo Trace

I caught up with the guys of Echo Trace over the weekend to get to know them a little better. This episode gets pretty silly as discuss about their music, their sound, tattoos, first jobs, and new music!

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher or RockPaperPodcast.com

On this episode you can hear Echo Trace perform two songs live "The Balance" & "Hypnosis". You can get more Echo Trace at EchoTraceMusic.com or Soundcloud.com.

Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.

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Episode 193- The Daisy Ad

Over the weekend I sat down with Gavin & Dylan of The Daisy Ad to get to know them and what they have coming up. We discussed some of their past projects they were involved in, some of our friends, when to expect new music, and a whole lot more.

On this episode you can hear two live tracks for "Let Down" & "Home", the audio from their Loft Sessions video. Watch the videos on YouTube or LoftSessions.Tv. Download the audio at TheDaisyAd.Bandcamp.com

Listen to this episode on ITunes, Stitcher or RockPaperPodcast.com


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Friday night I took a drive to Columbia, MO to see my friends in Decadent Nation, Made In Waves, John Galbraith & Clockwork at Rose Music Hall. Before the show, I was able sit in Zack's garage and record with the guys on Decadent Nation. Listen as we discuss everything from the recent line up change, ghosts, vinyl, Adam Sandler, upcoming shows & new music!

You can see Decadent Nation LIVE

3/25 at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO for Seattle Royale as Pearl Jam.

4/29 at The Bridge in Columbia, MO

5/14 at Shots in Rolla, MO

Buy some of their music on ITunes. Check out their brand new album Space+Time. Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher or RockPaperPodcast.com


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Episode 191- Hillary Fitz 2

I've been sitting on this episode for a while debating on if I should air it or not since there were some sound problems, but I decided to just let you hear it. It does end rather abruptly as the Richie Kihlken Band started jamming at sound check. This episode was recorded in the upstairs green room area of the The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy before Hillary's show there back in January with Richie Kihlken Band & The Good Deeds.

We discussed of Hillary's travels, her She EP while Hillary and Christo we're enjoying some delicious burritos from the Atomic Cowboy.

Go buy Hillary's She EP on ITunes! Follow her on Facebook.

Hear Hillary played "Truths We Came To Know" live acoustic (with a some guest saxophone from Charlie Cerpa of Richie Kihlken Band). You can also hear "She" & "Metamorphosis."


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Episode 190- Old Salt Union

I took a drive out to Belleville, IL to hang with the guys of Old Salt Union. It was a real treat to sit and talk with them and have them play live on the show. We discussed the new CUT AND RUN EP, their upcoming shows, N64, the start of OSU and play 2 new songs live.

Hear live versions of "Here and Off My Mind" & "Feel My Love" and a studio version of "Hard Line." All three songs will be available on their new 6 song CUT AND RUN EP. You can get it digitally 3/22, or pick up copies at their Release Show 3/25 at Old Rock House in St.Louis, MO.

You can also catch them performing live in Vintage Vinyl in STL on 3/22 at 4pm.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Pick up the album on Amazon, ITunes or OldSaltUnion.com

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Episode 189- Moon Bandits

On this episode I sat down with Moon Bandits to get to know them a little better. We talked about some of their previous bands such as MU330 & Orangetree, we talked about how the band formed, some goals, new music and upcoming show.

You can see Moon Bandits playing all original material April 13th at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room opening for Voodoo Glow Skulls along with Breakmouth Annie.

Closing out this episode you can hear an acoustic version of "I am The One".

Follow the band on Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date.

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Episode 188- Inner Outlines

The other night I took a drive out to Carrolton, IL to hang out with the guys of Inner Outlines. I had a great time getting to know the guys a little better. We discussed their start and how the band formed. We also talked about some of our buddies and wanted to play some of their music. On this episode you'll hear Fivefold's "Darker Side of Me" & Discrepancies "Get Hype". Closing out the show we answer some questions from the fans and play the new Inner Outlines single "Good For Me"

Follow Inner Outlines on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

See them LIVE

3/12 at Cicero's

3/27 at The Firebird

4/4 at The Firebird

Listen on ITunes & Stitcher as well.

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Episode 187- Andy Hamilton

Up-and-coming stand up comedian Andy Hamilton stops by to tell his stories of starting stand up comedy, starting his own open mic, answer questions from the fans, and does his spot on Jay Leno impression.

See Andy LIVE:

Every WEDNESDAY at Parrot's Bar & Grill in St.Peters. Follow the Official Parrot's Open Mic Facebook page.

Saturday 3/12 at Rendezvous with Nick Vatterott & Spencer Tegtmeyer

Listen on ITunes & Stitcher.

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Episode 186- Brandon Judd

Comedian Brandon Judd joins me on the program to talk about how he started in comedy, punk rock music, some of his tattoos, and a whole lot more.

Find Brandon on Twitter @Juddgment

See him LIVE

3/8 at Helium Comedy Club Open Mic

3/9 at Helium Comedy Club

3/29 at Heavy Anchor

4/1 at R-Bar

4/3 at Rose Music Hall in Columbia, MO

4/15 at The Crack Fox for Impolite Company

4/23 at Tuscan Hills Winery


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Episode 185- Erin Shea

Sunday I took I drive to Pop's for the 1st We Are United local networking show. Before I show got started, I sat with Erin Shea to get to know her a little better, talk about Mo's Super Fun Local Show that she hosts, some of her favorite concert moments, where her passion comes from and more. So sit back and get to know Erin Shea.

You can find Mo's Super Fun Local show on UMSLRadio.com/ (Live streaming Friday 5-6p) or YouTube.com.

Erin also runs Butterfly Boomerang Productions. She's putting on a show with some great local talent at Cicero's in the Delmar Loop Friday April 22nd. It's called Under The Covers with local artists performing cover sets of Foo Fighters, Coheed & Cambria, Saosin, Senses Fail, & Owl City. $8 tickets/ $10 DOS.

Follow Butterfly Boomerang Productions on Facebook to keep up with more snow announcements.


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Episode 184- Whoa Thunder

A bit ago I was able to sit and talk with Brian McClelland & Mic Boshans of Whoa Thunder. We talked about some crazy road stories, some of the history of Whoa Thunder, new music, and the future of the project.

See Whoa Thunder LIVE

Saturday 3/5 at Off Broadway with Dressy Bessy

Friday 3/11 at Foam with Caveofswords, The Foreign Resort, New Canyons

Tuesday 3/15 at Rose Music Hall with Dressy Bessy

Keep a look out at these shows for a new single "Hop To It" that you'll hear at the end of this episode.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 183- Common Jones

I had an absolute blast hanging out with the guys of Common Jones to record this episode. We talked about their new new album coming out, their upcoming show for the Road To Pointfest, answer some questions from the fans and whole lot more.

You can see Common Jones LIVE March 12th at Pop's with Skyline in Ruins, Through The Scope, Apart O'Heart, Money For Guns & Outcome of Betrayal. You'll be able to pick up copies of their album LISTEN TO ME that evening as well.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Everything at CommonJones.com.


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