Over the weekend, I stopped in at one of my favorite spots The Pocket in St.Louis, MO to talk with my friend singer songwriter Ellen Hilton Cook. We talk about her start in music, teaching herself piano, the story behind the name Ellen The Felon, her recent name change & more!

See Ellen LIVE

5/30 at Halo Bar after Amanda Palmer 

Find more dates & info by follow Ellen Hilton Cook on Facebook & Instagram!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Violet White
  • Cross Marketing
  • Internet 

You can find some more of Ellen's music on Spotify, ITuens or YouTube.

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On today's episode I caught up with Jessica Hitchcock at her home studio. Jessica has become a good friend of mine and I wanted to take the opportunity to get to know a little more about what she is up to and talk becoming a full time artist. We also talk some of her favorite records, what she listens to while painting & much more. 

See her painting LIVE

6/8 at Paisley Boutique 11-2 with live music from Matthew Hitchcock

6/22 at Rock Paper Podcast's 5th Annual Birthday Show at Broadway Oyster Bar. Live music by Amanda Fish Band, Tony Campanella Band & Odds Lane.

Find all of her appearances, buy some art & everything else at JessicaHitchcock.org

Follow her on Facebook & Instagram!


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St.Louis singer songwriter Caroline Steinkamp stops by to talk about her start in singing, perform a new song "Walter C" live, share a great story behind the song, answer questions from the fans, Good Charlotte & much more. 

See her LIVE

5/26 at Off Broadway for River City Opry 1-4 with Jacob Vi, Andrew Dahle, Amber Skies, Cherokee Moon & Oddsoul 

6/9 at Gaslight's Singer Songwriter Showcase 

Follow her on Facebook & Instagram for more information & upcoming shows!


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The other day I stopped in at The Pocket to meet up with Keith, Chris & Nick of The Monolithic. We talked about some of the bands history, touring, their albums, share some stories behind the songs, Weird Al & more!

See them LIVE

5/24 in St.Louis, MO at Schlafly Tap Room with Bruiser Queen & Hell Yeah Babies 

5/26 in Evansville, IL at Waterstreet Bar & Grill

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more dates. Pick up a copy of their new album POOLSIDE POLITICS today!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Breaking Line
  • Square One
  • Smokes 

Thanks again to The Pocket for letting us hang out and record this episode! ThePocketSTL.com

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JB Anderson RETURNS! This was such a fun conversation and covered a lot of ground. I caught up with JB in the new warehouse space at Gaslight and we talked about upcoming releases from some of my favorites like Elliott Pearson & The Passing Lane, Allie Vogler, The Maness Brothers, Al Holiday & more. We also talk new food at Gaslight, Open Mic, videos, and everything else happening in and around Gaslight!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Elliott Pearson & The Passing Lane "Lucky"
  • The Maness Brothers "Drive Me (and my Soul)"
  • Exclusive sneak peak at Al Holiday's All St.Louis Revue album

Don't miss Al Holiday's All St.Louis Revue release party at Off Broadway on June 28 & 29th featuring the talents of Neil C. Luke, Brian Owens, Emily Wallace, Big Mike, Kenny DeSheilds, Roland Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Tommy Halloran & more

Get involved all things Gaslight at GaslightSTL.com. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Author & Poet Daniel Wright joins me to discuss his new book, upcoming party, music, movies & much more. 

See Dan LIVE

5/25 at Flood Plain with Denmark Laine & RC Patterson

5/30 at Joe's Cafe

Follow Daniel Wright - Writer on Facebook for more info!

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on Spotify, ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or click PLAY

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I took a trip over to Blue Lotus Recording studio to hang out with my old friend Paul Niehaus and new friend Walter Greiner. We talk about how these two came to work together, recording 3 albums together and some of their travels. We also get in to some of the stories behind the songs of their new album ROSE MARY'S CABIN Vol 3 that is now available everywhere!  

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Whiskey Train
  • Mama (Live)
  • 4 In The Morning Blues
  • Missouri Farm (Live)

See them LIVE

May 19th at Off Broadway with Adam Gaffney, Lacie Williams & Bob Komaske FREE SHOW

Find everything at BlueLotusRecordings.com

Follow Walter on Facebook & Instagram!

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The Matching Shoe return to the show! We discuss their new album RIGHT ON, recording most of it themselves, Big Lebowski, Tour, album release party and everything in between. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • The Other Ones Eat
  • Marie (Live)

Thanks to Top Notch Violins for letting us hang out and record this episode!

See The Matching Shoe LIVE

5/17 Album Release Party at Old Rock House in St.Louis, MO with Joanna Serenko 

5/24 Cam Jam at Kirkwood Station Plaza

6/7 Huichica Music Festival in Sonoma, California

Full listing of dates at TheMatchingShoe.com. Also follow them on Facebook & Instagram!

Their album RIGHT ON is available digitally everywhere now!

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The other day I caught up with friend of the show Big Mike Aguirre at his gig at Wildflower in St.Louis, MO. We had a lot of fun talking about his new singles, recording with guys like Al Holliday, Nathan Hershey & others, his trip to NYC with Kevin Bower's NOVA, his upcoming gigs & much more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • It Won't Be Long
  • A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke Cover) (Live Acoustic)
  • Deal With The Devil

Find the singles wherever you listen to digital music. Keep an eye out for the album coming soon!!

See Big Mike LIVE

May 16 at Lincoln Theatre in Belleville, IL

May 18 at The Ambassador for Big George Brock's 87th Birthday 

May 19 at KDHXFest at The Stage/KDHX with Boo Boo Davis

Follow Big Mike on Facebook for more dates!



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The other night I stopped in to talk with some friends of the show Phil Wright, Joe Capan & Sean Anglin and discuss their Grateful Dead tribute Alligator Wine. We talk about how the group formed, some stories of the Grateful Dead, upcoming shows & more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • On The Road Again
  • Feel Like A Stranger

See them LIVE

5/10 Grateful Dead Night at the Ballpark at Midwestern. Acoustic Set 5-7 Electric 9-1

6/21 at The Boathouse

7/3 at Naked Vine for Dark Star Orchestra After Party

Follow them on Facebook for more information!



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Singer Songwriter Taylor Steele joined me at Rhythm Music in St.Charles, MO to record today's episode. We get into talking about recording her debut album with her band The Love Preachers, stories behind some of the songs, share a couple live acoustic, release party and other upcoming dates. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Jeremiah (Live acoustic)
  • Searching
  • Lost Girl Blues (Live acoustic)
  • Was I Wrong

See Taylor Steele & The Love Preachers LIVE

June 6 at Harlan Hall with Amanda Anne Platt & The Honey Cutters

June 9 Album Release Party at Tuscan Hills Winery with Dani Flowers & Fiona Kimble

June 14 at Beesonstock

June 21 at Moccasion Creek Festival 

Aug 15 at Cedar Hurst Museum for Woodstock Tribute

Everything at TaylorSteeleMusican.com, Facebook & Instagram!

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This audio was recorded live at Naked Vine on April 9th during my Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase with Carson Mann (The Scandaleros), Jordan Slone (Hounds) & Hillary Fitz (Hillary Fitz Band). Listen in as these 3 share stories behind some of their songs and play some stripped down acoustic version of some of your favorites.

Join us every 2nd Tuesday at Naked Vine for Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. Our next one is on May 14th with Billy Croghan, Tony Compton & Karen Choi. 

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on Spotify, ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or click PLAY

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