St.Louis rockers Apex Shrine join me on Zoom to discuss their brand new album APEX SHRINE due out May 1st everywhere. They give us a little sneak peek and talk about some of the stories behind the these songs. We also talk favorite rock n roll moments, first cars & much more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Burner
  • Tonedelayo
  • Southern Fried Tragedy

Find more or wherever you get digital music!

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Dan Johanning & Bobby Stevens of Wilderness stop by to talk about their brand new album REAL ROCK RADIO! This episode was recorded over Zoom as we're all still in quarantine. For some reason the recording made my voice deeper, so hope you don't mind. 

We get to talking about a few of the songs, stories behind the lyrics, missing live music, Party Town, Cher, and all kinds of stuff. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • American Lights
  • Give Em Hell
  • Long Week

Find their album REAL ROCK RADIO wherever you get digital music!


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Joe Burrow returns to the show! Joe is the guitarist of Divide The Empire and now host of his own podcast Crushercast! We dive into some of the latest news from Divide The Empire, starting his podcast, what he's been watching during quarantine and much more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Visions 
  • Holding Back The Years (Simply Red cover)

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Comedian JC Sibala returns!! It felt good to get back to recording. It's been way too long. I caught up with my buddy JC at his home to talk about how he's been handling the COVID-19 situation, what he's been watching, and just catch up on life. We also discuss some of JC's past in music from being in a rock band & being a rapper!

Be sure to keep up with JC Sibala on Facebook & Instagram! Hopefully coming to a comedy club near you as soon as this is all cleared up.


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In January, I invited my talented friends Christopher Curd (The Leopard, The Hush List) Lisa Houdei (Le'Ponds) & Ethan Jones (Ethan Jones & The Favorite Sons) to join me for an evening of songs & stories at Naked Vine. Listen in as they play their songs acoustically in a listening room setting and share the stories behind them. 

Full video of the show available on YouTube!

Be sure to get out and support these wonderful people. Buy an album and follow them on Facebook & Instagram!

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Today's episode features The Belief Cycle! The group is comprised of Drew Mantia (Vocals/Guitar/Drums) & Ryan Marquez (Vocals/Keys/Bass). We get to talking about how these came to be working together, their new album CELEBRATE, share some stories behind a few of these songs & much more. 

Visit today and pick up a copy of CELEBRATE

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On this episode you'll hear:

  • Celebrate ft Probcause
  • Boogie Tonight
  • Toothbrush
  • Same Key

Also available wherever you get your digital music!


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EPISODE 800! First off, wow! 800 of these.

Today's episode is with a man I've known 32 years now, my Uncle Dennis O'Loughlin. Dennis isn't a musician or comedian but I really wanted to have him a part of this show. Dennis has a heart of gold and has always been there for me. We caught up at home while maintaining our social distancing. We had a fun conversation including some talk of his early days in radio, Head East, Chuck Berry & much more. 

Hope you enjoy the show, here's to at least 800 more!

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