Well funny story about this episode....unlocked from the vaults after a year. This audio & video was recorded in front of a live audience at Naked Vine in Chesterfield, MO February 11, 2020. Things got weird after that, I kept holding this episode thinking I could use it to help promote when the showcase was back, but that hasn't happened. I apologize it took a year, but here it is in all it's glory!

This was a great night! I invited songwriters Steven Woolley, Hal Pascale & Justin Johnson to join me. You'll get all the stories behind some of their best songs in an intimate listening room setting.

Find more Steven Woolley at http://www.stevenwoolleymusic.com

Hal Pascale released music under her band's name Cherokee Moon, availabe everywhere!

Find Justin Johnson's latest EP NEVER COMING HOME wherever you get digital music!

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Country music Singer Songwriter Dallas Moore joins me on Zoom on a snow covered day across the Midwest. We had a lot of laughs and get into some talks of his new album THE RAIN, his first guitar, motorcycles, stories behind these songs, upcoming shows & much more!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • The Rain
  • Better Days

Pre-order your copy of THE RAIN today on CD or Vinyl at htttp://www.DallasMoore.com. THE RAIN due out April 9th, 2021!

Follow Dallas on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. See him LIVE 2/19 Checkered Flag Tavern Indianapolis, IN

2/20 Knuckleheads Saloon Kansas City, MO

2/21 Mercury Lounge Tulsa, OK

2/23 Margarita Island Oklahoma City, OK

more dates at DallasMoore.com

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Chris Denman returns!! I had so much fun hanging out on a Friday night on Zoom with my buddy Chris. We had a few beverages, talked about snack cakes, his show Drinks With The Band & just have a ton of laughs.

Find Chris on Facebook & Instagram @WeAreLiveRadio

Be sure to check out some of his past episode of Drinks With The Band on Facebook. New episodes every Wednesday night!

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Last weekend, I crossed the river into Alton, IL to meet rockers Niko! I had a great time getting to know more about the group, how they form, some influences, and share some stories behind these songs & recording their first demo. We also did some live jamming in the living room! 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Crystal Meth (Demo)
  • Searing, Burning (Live)
  • So Damn Naive (Live)
  • Bang Boom Crash (Live)

Find more Niko on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram! 

See them LIVE

2/14 at Red Flag in St.Louis, MO with The Plums & 1781


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NOWAKE RETURNS! I took a drive out to Hannibal, MO to hang out at band practice with rockers NOWAKE. We had a lot of fun talking about their brand new WARTOOTH EP, give you a sneak peek at the EP, stories behind the songs, influences & more. We also talk about their "Forgotten Melody" music video and working with Freddy D'Angelo. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Forgotten Melody
  • Wartooth
  • Alone

Find more NOWAKE wherever you get digital music or http://www.NOWAKEmusic.com. Hit them up for a CD copy of the EP if you are interested! 

See them LIVE

Feb 20 in Osage Beach, MO at LOTO Lounge with Etched In Embers

Follow along with them on Facebook & Instagram.

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I took a trip over to Alton, IL to meet up with rockers Tiger Country! I had a whole lot of fun hanging with these guys talking about their brand new CHIMERA EP. We get into some of the stories behind the songs, influences, recording, music videos and much more! 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Be Careful
  • Deep Field
  • There Will Be Blood 

Find more Tiger Country wherever you get digital music. http://www.TigerCountryMusic.com

Follow along with them on Facebook & Instagram!

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The night before Lucero's brand new album WHEN YOU FOUND ME was released, I caught up with founding member & guitarist Brian Venable. I had so much fun talking with Brian about the new album, his paintings, tattoos, making beats, Imo's pizza and he shares a wild story about one of his favorite nights at Off Broadway in St.Louis, MO.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Back In Ohio
  • Outrun The Moon

Pick up a copy of WHEN YOU FOUND ME on Vinyl, CD or digital. http://www.luceromusic.com

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I'm thrilled to welcome a long time friend & one of my favorite Singer Songwriters to the show Dean Meadows! We were also joined by returning guest, the very talented Lance Brunk! I had a great time hanging out with these two the day. I hadn't seen Dean in many years so it was really nice to just catch up and listen to him play a few songs. We learn about Dean's journey to Nashville. We share some stories behind his songs & his album HERE WITH ME. 

Be sure to grab a copy of HERE WITH ME wherever you get your digital music!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • This Side Of The Grass (Live)
  • Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Live)
  • The Way She Looks (Live)

Follow along with Dean on Facebook!

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