Back in December, I invited my talented friends Alexander Ruwe, Caroline Steinkamp & Jackson Stokes to join me at Naked Vine for my Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. Listen in as these three take the stage to share their songs acoustically & the stories behind them. 

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Back in November, I invited a few of my buddies to join me at Naked Vine for my Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. This show features Josh Whitt of Spillie Nelson along with Brad Millaway & Joe Foerster of Tree One Four. Recorded Live on 11.12.19

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St.Louis rapper Retro Champ returns to the show to talk about his upcoming EP, his new single "Lawd Have Mercy", gaming, wrestling and everything else he's been up to during quarantine!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • "Level Up"
  • "Lawd Have Mercy" (Live)
  • NandoSTL "Outside"

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Rick Wagner joins me to talk about his work as an audio engineer at Gaslight & being a musician. We talk about his work with Jordan Suter & his new band The Screechin' Halts.

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Special guest Matt Maher stops by to do some live pickin with Rick on the show. You'll hear:

  • Beaumont Rag
  • Salt Creek


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Singer songwriter Joseph Belsher stops by to talk about his band Stoker, their new EP, upcoming vinyl release, stories behind some of the songs and play a few live acoustic!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • How It Is (Live Acoustic)
  • All Along
  • Birdcage (Live Acoustic)
  • Tell Me Why (Live Acoustic)

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St.Louis Comedians Jimmy Day & Jack Schurk stop by the show to talk about their new podcast The Day at Night. It's a fun late night talk show formatted podcast so we discuss some of our favorite podcasts, late night talk shows, comedy and everything else in between.

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 A while back, I invited my talented friends Erin Jo Paddlefoot (of The Dead Roses), Jeff Nations (of JB Crockett, Various Hands) and Doug Byrkit (of Odds Lane) to join me at Naked Vine for my monthly Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. This is the live audio recorded that evening! Recorded 10.8.19 at Naked Vine.

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Jordan Phoenix, host of the Jordan Phoenix show, stops by to talk about some of his work creating music videos, his podcast, playing in bands, comedians & much more.

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Tyler Dale returns to the show to discuss his brand new solo tunes and catch up! We talk about his latest single "Another Taste" that came out in February, more new music, some of the people he's recording with & play a live acoustic version of "Colorado Kiss" in the living room.

You'll hear:

  • Colorado Kiss
  • Another Taste

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Singer songwriter Hunter Peebles returns to the show!! I caught up with him at his home. We spent the afternoon watching Rick & Morty, eating jambalaya and talking music. We talk about the big party his a part of this weekend with Andrew & The Dolls album release party! We also talk about him working on his debut EP and give you a preview of what some of those songs might be with some live acoustic living room jams. 

You'll hear:

  • Southern Illinois 
  • Songwriting Man
  • Until I Find My Home
  • Tribulation

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See him live!

March 7th at The Ready Room with Andrew & The Dolls and Boxcar

May 12th at Naked Vine for Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase


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Singer songwriter Colleen Duhart joins me today on the show! She brought along special guest, her father & musical sidekick Dean Duhart. They can be seen around town performing under Duhart. We deep dive into a some of Colleen's early days of discovering she could sing, her songwriting, stories behind these songs, new music on the way, recording her debut, and perform some live acoustic tunes. 

Thanks to Lotown Studios for letting us hang out and record this episode. Visit

Colleen is a part of a special show coming up called This Is My Brave happening on April 16th at Kirkwood Community Center. We discuss that in more detail during the show. 

Find all dates at 

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On this episode you'll hear:

  • Porchlight (Live acoustic)
  • Cold Feet (Live acoustic)


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