Episode 220- The Brothers Reed 2

The Brothers Reed return to Rock Paper Podcast to talk about their new album Monster In My Head, touring, country music, songwriting, and play 3 live acoustic tunes.

Pick up their 2 albums SICK AS FOLK & MONSTER IN MY HEAD at TheBrothersReed.com. Available in physical or digital copies. Grab a shirt while you're there too. Also available on ITunes, Spotify or Amazon.

Here "Jake's Song" on this episode from their Monster in My Head album. You'll also hear "Ever Since You Found Me", "Right By My Side" & "Unimportant Problem" that are currently unreleased. Expected out on their next record in 2017.

See the LIVE this weekend in Wentzville, MO

5/14 at a House Concert (Details on their Facebook)

5/15 at Hwy40 Brews with Joe Bizelli & Maury Avenue

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. All other dates at TheBrothersReed.com

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Episode 219- Zagk Gibbons

I went by Gaslight off Kingshighway & Shaw the other night and sat down with Zagk Gibbons to talk about everything he's a part of in St.Louis music. Zagk is currently working as Audio engineer for Gaslight. He run his own audio recording company called Loudhouse. He's the drummer for the Miss Molly Simms band. He's also a live sound guy for The Demo & The Firebird. We discuss all of these things and more .

I had a great time with Zagk hearing about all of his projects he's working on. Check out some of the bands we mentioned in this episode:

Miss Molly Simms

Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals

Maness Brothers

Old Souls Revival


The Leopard/ The Hush List

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